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Customise Google for Work with your logo

Adding your logo to the Google for Work services might seem easy but the problem is that if your logo isn't the correct size, then it auto-squishes it into the right dimensions making your logo look .... well unprofessional >>

So here's a quick tip to get your logo looking spiffy!

Go to your favourite image editor (MSpaint or my choice Pixlr) and upload your best logo (For best results use a long logo with a short height, doesn't matter if its massive as we'll shrink it...... also I'm using Pixlr in these instructions so click the link above and follow along at home).

Now our final image HAS to be 320x132 otherwise it will squish it.... so go to Image > Image Size

The make sure the width is set to 320 pixels - Don't touch the height. Click OK.

Now go to Image > Canvas Size and put the blue square in the middle by clicking on the middle box, then change the height to 132 pixels as highlighted below >>

Click OK

Now you should have something that looks like this, plenty of space top and bottom and the logo fitting nicely in the width.

Go to File > Save

And save your image as a PNG with a fancy-pants title.  Click OK and choose where to save it.

Go to your admin panel and select Company Profile > personalisation

Click Custom Logos radio button then choose file and upload your spiffy new one.  

It might take a little time to sync to all your services so don't be worried if it doesn't changed straight away, but when it does you'll be prouder than a peacock with two tails.

Be well.