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Upgrading / removal of events (calendar clean) / Decommission your sheet

When you upgrade to a newer version of the Workflow Max to Google Calendar Integration you will need to clean the calendars of all events otherwise you will get duplication issues when you run the new script over the top of the old one.  Also when you no longer want to use the integration then cleaning your calendars of all the Workflow Max events is also recommended for good house keeping.
  1. open up the Google sheet that contains your integration

  • HINT: search for WFM2GCAL in your Google Drive or Sheets service

  1. Then click on the Workflow Max Setup menu

  1. Select REMOVE ALL Jobs & Tasks from Calendar(s)

  2. This removes the events created by the integration, not events created by you.  Removing the events is essential to prevent duplicates from being created when a newer script is setup and run the first time.

  1. Once the script says it’s finished then in the Workflow Max Setup menu select Stop Service

      6. Remember you are under obligation to delete the old version as per the license agreement. This also ensures that you don't have rogue scripts running in case you forgot to stop the service.

  1. Once this is done, open up your new version or make a copy of it if you have been sent the copy link and setup the new version as per the Getting Started instructions.

  1. Go to My Account in your Apps draw:
  2. google for work my account

  3. Under Sign-in and Security select Connected Apps and Sites
  4. my account connected apps and services

  5. Click Manage Apps
  6. my account manage apps

  7. Find all the versions of WFM2GCAL sheets (copy of WFM2GCAL... etc) and select, then click REMOVE
  8. find workflowmax to google calendar app

  9. Click OK to confirm
  10. remove app permissions ok

  11. all done.
Now you can either setup a new version OR find something creative to do with your time