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Creating a simple professional signature block in Google Docs

Create a grid with the amount of rows and columns you want in your signature block:

Get your widths correct and merge rows/columns that you want to make a larger form

Move your cell table to far left of the page to avoid a big margin on the left when copying and pasting into Gmail

Get your cells arranged and lined up as you wish, remember to merge the cells you want to make bigger with their neighbors by selecting the cells you want to merge and right click, select merge.

For the left cell I want to add a picture so making the cell content align vertically in the center is essential

Add your images to the fields and text, style as desired

Right click on your images and select Link, then insert your link in the text field 

(Note: there is a bug where the image options stays in front of the link text box so best to have the link copied already to easily paste into the field instead of typing)

Hide the lines of your grid by right clicking on the table > select table properties > table border > 0pt


In Gmail (or your preferred email client), go to Settings cog  > Settings > General tab > Signature section  Paste it into your signature section and click SAVE down the bottom of the page.

Voila! Hope this saves you lots of heart ache.

here is the doc with the template I used for this demo, enjoy.