Accessing your client portal


We want to ensure transparency in all aspects of our engagement with you and your organisation so we made sure any related documentation including contracts, procedures, support documents and plans are all housed on our secure storage Google Drive.  This section has been explicitly created and accessible only by your nominated associates and Shoosh Monkey IT Solutions via a Google account.


You or your associates will be required to request and have access granted to your client portal.  This can be done via the client portal request form located here:

Log In to your Client Portal

Open your browser and navigate to either of two places:



eg. for Acme Co. (this should have been emailed to you when your access was approved)

You will be prompted for your Google account details eg.

Screenshot 2015-01-31 at 8.57.54 PM.png

If you have multiple accounts, then you may be presented with all or most of these.

Enter in your Google password and select Sign In

Screenshot 2015-01-31 at 8.58.39 PM.png

You will be presented with a list of client logos, only you and your nominated associates will be able to access your customer portal.  You will not be able to access anyone else’s customer portal.

NOTE: If you can’t access you may not have been granted permission, please request via the online form described in the Prerequisite section of this document.

  1. Navigating your Customer Portal

Finding your stuff is pretty easy, at the time of writing the categories are as follows:





These may change as the site is improved but there is only so much the monkey can do.  Below is a description of the categories for you.


Pretty self explanatory, this is the landing page for your site. Eventually there will be more dynamic content here but for the moment it’s a index page with some descriptive text on what these items are.


This page encompasses all the different methods you can get in contact with me.


These are documents related to your company.  No one else can see these and if you can’t see these either then you need to be granted access to the folder.  Please contact me if this page is blank.


This page consists of generic support documents and important static links such as:

Toggl Reports - this is the time tracking tool used to record time spent on your projects

To Do lists - My To Do list for your company that I keep in Evernote

Shared Evernote folders - any other folders that I use in Evernote and think you would benefit from having visibility.