New User Onboarding

Here is a quick guide to get you up and running, if you have any questions or trouble please contact us anytime.

We offer a complete training package as part of our Google Apps support service. This is done remotely via Hangouts/Skype or phone and we cover basic to advanced training, you will receive an email from us shortly to organise a time.

First off you will need to log into your Gmail and change your password, open the Chrome browser and go to, type in your username and password then follow the prompts to change your password (Minimum 10 Characters).

Your App drawGoogle app draw is the square icon found on any Google search page or in most of the Google Apps services.  In here you will find all the common services you will need.

If you are using a shared computer, ensure that you are logged into your Google account, you can tell by your name being present and your avatar displaying either the first letter of your name or your image if you have connected your G+ account.
Google login <---Like me

If are on a computer that you trust you can use your own Chrome Profile, click the profiles button on the top of the window 
Chrome profiles

Select switch person and select your account
Chrome profiles switch account

If your account is not visible then you can set this up easily by selecting Add Person
chrome profiles add person

And going through the login wizard.

You now have your own account setup that you can switch to but be aware, others can switch to your account too so only use this on PCs you trust.

Drive is your online storage, keep all your work files and docs here.  To view the folders you have access to, please click on the Shared with me section on the right hand side menu
Shared with me

then if you want to add them to your Drive for easier access, right click the folder and select Move to...
Shared with me - move folder
Please note: The folders are still shared and owned by the original creator, if they remove access this folder will disappear.

Docs is your online word processing software, like MS Word but without the crashes and bugs.  Also it auto saves and you can have multiple people editing the same document, pretty cool.  It's better to demonstrate the capability through 1 on 1 training so if you need, set it up as instructed in the Training information email.

Sheets is your spreadsheet service, it has about 99% of all the functions that Excel and features as above in Docs and doesn't freeze all the time and lose your work. It's better to demonstrate the capability through 1 on 1 training so if you need, set it up as instructed in the Training information email.

The email we sent to you covers the specific services your company uses and links to any information you require.