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Preview your Webflow website while it's in development

The developer preview is a great way for clients to view the website as it's being created enabling comments and changes to occur on the fly. This speeds up development of your website and allows us to spend time doing more cool stuff for you!

When you have your website shared with you to view and comment you will receive a link similar to the one below:


Click the link and your website will be opened up in the developer view mode.  You will be given a warning to advise this view is read-only, just click OK.

You can change elements around and edit parts like the text but it won’t be saved.

To preview the website as the public would (this enables you to interact with it such as click on buttons and tabs etc), click the “eye” icon in the top left-hand corner:

Now you can interact with the website as if it were live and go to different pages using the menu or tabs.

To return to the developer view simply click the blue “eye” icon in the top left-hand corner.

Changing pages in the developer preview is different to the public view as the menu or Tabs don’t work here, to change to another page (only in the developer preview) click on the Page: Home dropdown in the top left hand-side of your screen:

Then select the page from this menu

To close out of the page, simply close the browser TAB.

Now go play!